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Tigress Solstice

a tiger sitting on a rock amongst the trees

I light a candle for you, Tigress, on this longest day, and call to you to Come forth and take respite in the Tall cool grass of our sisterhood, that we may gaze upon Your beauty, courage, and primal strength as we manifest our woman’s magic.

These are dark times, Feral Mother, but we feel you within us, In the striped, striated bellies that grow and birth the new world into being, In roars that demand safety, justice, sovereignty, and for all beings to have enough, In sharp claws that shred and tear and rip away the festering scab of patriarchy, again and again, In tails that balance us as we walk the razor’s edge of life as women who do the work to restore the benefits of mother culture to our world, In raspy tongues of cleansing and comfort as we soothe and care for the bloodied and battle-weary women who stand, day after day, mentally and physically, to make it so, And in warm fur that encircles and enriches the interconnectedness of certain knowledge that can only ever be held in the womb space.

Lend us your golden magical eyes, Tigress, your sharp vision that shifts the pitch black into perceptible and nuanced shades of gray and white, open us to the undercurrent of intuition that lies within and gifts us with a fortitude that begets action.

Hear our plea, Tigress, that we may peer into these shadows with clear sight, imbue our consciousness with the inner knowing that we will persevere as we wander through this forest of darkness.

Remind us, Tigress, on this longest sunny day, that women are not prey.

We are not prey.

We are not prey.

We are embodiments of you, Fierce Mother, and with your blessing we stand fully in our Tigress power.


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