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Cairelle Perilloux

The passion I have for my work is deeply rooted in my desire to provide evidence-informed education and  healing guidance to magical women walking their midlife path. I do not claim to offer others healing; I simply provide the facilitation and space in which others are enabled to heal themselves. We all know that the human body possesses an enormous and astonishing capacity to heal itself. With proper education, lifestyle changes, self-care, and dedication, I know that women can empower themselves, take their health back into their own hands, and find the balance needed to reach that place of full holistic health.

I officially stepped onto my healing path in 1993 when I passed state boards and became licensed as a registered nurse. Over the following years, I continued to grow in the alternative healthcare field and sought continuing education in holistic nursing, aromatherapy and crystal, chakra, and color therapy. Through connections in the international goddess community, eventually I was led to two incredible teachers: Angie Twydall of Sanctuary of Sophia and Maria Jones of Stellar Mystery School. In total, I spent two years under each one of them as a student and they continue Physically, I began experiencing symptom-free periods after a lifetime of crippling menstrual pain and debilitating premenstrual depression. Emotionally and spiritually, the self-care aspect of the work opened my heart and mind and led me to a beautiful season of self-discovery, renewal, and deep emotional healing.  This spawned an ever-growing passion for sharing this incredible work with others, which has allowed Hands with Heart’s focus to blossom and change. 

In addition to my passion for  I still very much enjoy offering genealogy education and services. The majority of my career has been spent both working and learning in medical settings. Through this, combined with a multitude of advanced therapeutic trainings and over eleven years of experience as a Licensed Massage Therapist, I have found tremendous joy and fulfillment in working with women, men, and children experiencing a wide variety of conditions and medically complex situations.

I recognize that everyone has their own physical, emotional, and mental needs and limitations. My sessions and treatment plans are custom-tailored to meet those individual needs. I also believe that positive intention has great power. Healing intention is always present in my practice, whether I’m providing a session or teaching a client how to practice positive intention in her own self-care practices.

I have found my life’s purpose through sharing.... with others. I am honored and grateful to be able to walk alongside so many on their own personal journey to achieving a fulfilled midlife and beyond through holistic healing.

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